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V Randa Vom Hauswalder Bach SchH1

Randa Vom Hauswalder Bach SchH1

Randa is the daughter of World Seiger VA1 Ursus Von Batu SchH3 KKL1 and V Gina Vom Hauswalder Bach SchH1.

Randa is an above average sized female. She possesses very correct structure, long reaching gate, and good rear angulation. Randa looks absolutely awesome both coming and going. Randa has a great deal of courage, an excellent temperament, and character like no other. Randa is both mentally and physically what the definition of a German Shepherd is.

I have had the honor of seeing some of the finest puppies produced from her. She definitely passes on her fathers physical characteristics to her offspring. Beautiful puppies and solid temperament is all I've seen from Randa. We can not be more happy with Randa and her offspring.